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15 Must-have Bathroom Accessories

by Mike Morleye
Bathroom Accessories

With space at premium, everything in your bathroom should serve a function. Even better, it should be functional and stylish. Forget about the usual bathroom supplies and check out our list of 15 must-have bathroom accessories that are both practical and funky.

  • Soap dispenser

Decant liquid hand soap into a stylish dispenser that matches your bathroom. It’s a small and practical accessory that can really add to a bathroom’s aesthetic.

  • Apothecary or mason jars

In the last decade, jars have evolved from a generic storage device to hip drinkware to a decorating staple. Dig up some vintage glass jars and store everyday toiletries in them, like cotton buds and make-up wipes. You can even use them as pots to bring some plant life into your bathroom.

  • Towel storage

Proper towel storage is essential in any bathroom. There are plenty of great ways to store your towels, like linen baskets on the bench or in cupboards. Traditional towel racks are great too, as well over-the-door hooks. For a vintage, rustic look, you could use the rungs of an old wooden ladder as towel storage.

The important thing is to choose a storage method that makes the best use of space in your bathroom. If you have beautiful bathroom towels, storing them where they are visible can add a touch of class to the bathroom aesthetic.

  • Hair-styling station

Turn your bathroom into a five-star salon with a rack or chest to store hair products and devices. There are lots out there to suit shavers and razors, brushes, straighteners and curlers, and hair products. With an organised rack, you’ll always have everything handy.

  • Make-up organiser
Make Up Organiser

A cluttered mess of make-up on your counter can make a bathroom feel crowded and chaotic. Use a storage or display case for your make-up favourites. Not only will this help to organise the bathroom, but it will give you a chance to show off some of your favourite brands.

  • Shower caddy

Not every shower comes with built-in storage. A shower caddy can help to keep your shower products organised and within reach. There are all types of shower caddies out there, including those that attach to your shower screen, and those that hang from the shower head. Read our post on How do I Clean a Shower Screen?

  • Toilet roll stand

Always have a roll handy by placing a discreet toilet roll stand near the toilet. Some even come with stylish covers. Alternatively, you can pile toilet rolls into a wicker basket for a rustic look.

  • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker
Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Every shower can now become a showstopping performance with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Who said bath time isn’t fun?

  • Bathtub pillow
Bathroom Pillow

There’s nothing like a relaxing bath. Although, sometimes they can be a literal pain in the neck. If you have trouble getting comfortable in the bath, a waterproof bath pillow will change your world.

  • Bathtub caddy

And to make it so you’ll never want to get out of the bath, why not get a bathtub caddy? They’re perfectly made to hold a glass of wine or a cup of tea, along with a book, phone or tablet.

  • Toilet light

Avoid turning on the bathroom light at night with a handy toilet light. You can choose from motion-sensor soft lights to even an LED light ring that can make your toilet glow. This way, no one gets woken up and your circadian rhythms aren’t disturbed.

  • Interlocking drawer organiser

If your bathroom drawers are constantly a muddle of bits and bobs, drawer organisers are a lifesaver. Get interlocking organisers so you can mix and match as you need to perfectly suit your bathroom supplies.

  • Vanity mirror

No bathroom is complete without a mirror, but what about a mirror for all those up-close-and-personal moments? Vanity mirrors are great when shaving, looking after your skin or applying make-up. Plus, mirrors can help make the space feel bigger.

  • Water flosser

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to dental floss, then you need a water flosser. These machines have been around for a long time and are just as effective as traditional dental floss. And you have the added bonus of not finding used dental floss left lying next to the sink.

  • Laundry bag
Laundry Bag

Keep dirty clothes off the floor with a simple fabric laundry bag. They come in all sorts of great patterns and colours. You can then grab the bag when it’s time to do a wash or fold and put it away when you’re not using it. Alternatively, you can use a stylish wooden hamper.

Make the most of your bathroom with these great bathroom accessories. You might even love your bathroom so much that you’ll never want to leave.

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