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5 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home More Exciting

by Gavan Dowden
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Your home should be your safe haven. It should be a place where you can let go of your worries and just relax. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun at home. Sometimes, you need a little excitement in your humble abode.

Regardless of what you’re into, it’s important to be smart about how you upgrade your home. You wouldn’t want to spend a pretty penny for a piece of artwork only to find that it doesn’t give you the feeling that you were looking for.

So, to help you revitalise your property, we’ve listed five affordable ways to make your home more exciting.

  1. Get a small plunge pool

Through developments in pool building technology, it’s now possible for those who have a limited budget to get an affordable backyard pool.

Plunge pools are compact, cost-effective pools that are designed to fit smaller properties. The pool is typically precast of concrete, vinyl or fibreglass. Depending on the manufacturer, you might be able to customise the finish of these materials as well.

Since plunge pools are precast and are smaller in size, they don’t take too long to install. Unlike traditional full-sized pools, which take several months to install, plunge pools only take a couple of weeks to set up. This reduces the hours of labour needed, which in turn, reduces installation costs.

A small pungle pool is an affordable yet effective way to breathe new life into your backyard.

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  1. Change up your lights

Since lights are considered utilities, you often don’t think of them as decorative pieces. If you’re clever, however, you can use your lights to give your home a different feel. You can do this through ambient lighting, accent lighting or even through the shade of your bulbs. To make things simpler for you, we’ll go through a few different types of lighting and discuss which room you should have them in.

For your dining room or kitchen, consider getting pendant lights. Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and stay right above your benchtop or dining table. Since the lights are so close to you, they don’t need to be operating at full brightness in order for you to see what you’re doing. Indeed, pedant lights are classy yet practical.

For your bedroom, you should consider getting something that provides ambient light. Ambient light is an auxiliary light that is mainly used to create atmosphere in a room as opposed to fully illuminating it.

Indeed, when you’re getting ready to get some shut-eye, you don’t want an extremely bright light shining in your eye. You want a dimmer light that’ll eventually lull you to sleep. For this purpose, you can get corner floor lamps. These lamps lay on a single bottom corner of your room, making it more discreet than a regular table lamp.

  1. Improve your landscaping

The kerb appeal of your home is just as important as the state of your interior. So, if you want to make your home as exciting as possible, it’s a good idea to pay a little more attention to your garden.

There are a few easy methods that you can use to improve your landscaping. One of them is simply cleaning up the edges of your lawn. To do this, you can use a lawn trimmer or a sharp spade. Alternatively, you can get timber or stone edging to prevent the grass from growing over the footpaths. A lawn with a clean edge will give your home a more structured and immaculate look. If your home has a modern aesthetic, a tightly cut lawn will go well with the straight edges and minimalistic features that are usually seen in contemporary home designs.

Another way to spice up your garden is to add a variety of colours via plants and flowers. When it comes to colours, it’s important to be careful with the combinations that you use. In this case, the adage of ‘less is more’ is quite relevant. When choosing colours, try to aim for two or three hues that go well together.

To help you choose the right hues, one concept that you can use is the theory of complementary colours. The more popular complementary pairs are red and green, purple and yellow, and blue and orange.

  1. Add mirrors and glass around your living space

Want to make your indoor living space look bigger than it actually is? By placing mirrors around your property, you’ll be able to spread natural and artificial light around your interior. This spreading of light will make your interior seem much more spacious

This illusion of extra space might also benefit our cognitive skills. A study from the Frontiers in Psychology suggests that there might be a link between our decision-making and the openness of the environment that we’re in. The study even went as far as to suggest that policy-making may become more effective if our town halls and parliament buildings were less enclosed.

  1. Adopt a minimalistic approach

If you’re not excited by anything we’ve listed above, maybe you need to subtract from your space as opposed to adding to it. Indeed, adopting a minimalist mindset offers both practical and emotional benefits.

Practically speaking, since there’s less things in a minimalistic home, it is much easier to clean and maintain. On the emotional and spiritual side of things, a minimalistic attitude will teach you how to be less attached to your tangible possessions. In turn, this could make you more content and steadfast in the present.

You can begin your minimalistic journey by giving away possessions to family friends. Alternatively, you can sell unwanted possessions via online markets.

We hope that this list gives you a few ideas on how to breathe new life in your home. As you hopefully realised, there are plenty of clever ways to upgrade your home without breaking the bank. If you have any further questions regarding home renovations or upgrades, we recommend that you talk to your local home renovators, pool builders and/or landscapers.

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