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5 Modern Floor Safety Products That Your Business Needs

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Floor Safety Products

If you run a business with a factory or other high-risk environments, the safety of your employees is one of the most important responsibilities that you’ll have to manage. Whether it’s complex machinery or dangerous chemicals, having the correct safety procedures in place is the key to protecting your staff and avoiding any legal liability that could damage your business as well as your reputation.

One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your staff is through floor safety products. They can be used to effectively prevent injuries, reduce risks and provide your staff with visual cues to help them safely navigate around your workplace. Below, we’ll explore 5 must-have modern floor safety products and how they can aid your business.

  1. Epoxy floor coating
Epoxy floor coating

Anti-slip floor coatings are ideal for large areas and can be placed on various conventional floor surfaces, such as wood, concrete and metal. They provide plenty of traction to help prevent falls and are suitable for industrial and warehouse work environments in which boots are often worn and forklifts are used.

Epoxy floor coating works by creating a rougher surface on floors, with a heavy-duty finish that’s resistant to chemicals, staining and solvents. This means low-maintenance requirements, making your life easier and keeping your employees safe without the need for extensive cleaning procedures. It’s also extremely durable, making it perfect for high-traffic areas with heavy machinery and large amounts of staff.

  1. Waterproof superseal coating
superseal coating

Waterproof superseal coating is a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly seal for surfaces that need waterproofing. With an acrylic base and odour-free solution, waterproof superseal coating has an elasticity of up to 500% above room temperature and 300% at -20 degrees.

Providing protection against water migration and damage, the waterproof coating prevents water from getting underneath or uplifting your surfaces. It cannot be cracked or peeled, offering high levels of protection and durability. This makes it ideal for areas such as pools, roofs, verandas and other areas of the home that are constantly exposed to water and the outside elements.

  1. Safety scrape mats
Safety scrape mats

Safety scrape mats are designed for areas where high-traction is an absolute necessity, and they offer an affordable and portable solution with impressive results to match. They are perfect for high-risk, high-traffic areas and wet or oily environments such as kitchens, locker and change rooms, behind bars and counters, and outside entryways.

Typically made from nitrile rubber that has oil and chemical resistance, safety scrape mats remove dirt and moisture from shoes and are a strong and durable anti-slip surface.

  1. Fibreglass safety nosing and strips
Anti Slip tape

Fibreglass safety nosings and strips for stairways are a must-have for those in the industrial, marine and mining industries, providing safe navigation for staff and management around stairways. They are also required for when stairways are used for fire or emergency escapes, reducing the risk of slips and falls and increasing the visibility of the stairs.

Fibreglass safety nosings and strips are highly durable and UV and chemical resistant, and provide a non-slip surface even when wet or dirty. Thanks to their slim sizing, they do not add any considerable height to stairs and pose a trip hazard and can be cleaned easily with a non-solvent cleaner.

  1. Tactile indicators
Tactile indicators

Ground surface tactile indicators are practical and affordable, providing immediate results and a range of different uses throughout the workplace. Tactile indicators can not only give blind people physical indicators of upcoming hazards but also give vision-impaired people visual warnings thanks to their bright colours that create a stark contrast against floor surfaces.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, tactile indicators are ideal for environments such as shopping centres, car parks, stairways, factories and more. With their stick and peel application, they can be moved around with ease if so desired. The stud options are used for safety warnings and the strips are used for directions, providing you with plenty of options to keep everyone safe every day of the year.

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