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5 Reasons to Choose Organic Tea

by Andrew Brown
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Whether you’re a passionate tea lover or someone who only dabbles in the occasional cup, making the switch to organic tea is a must. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out how organic means better health for you and a better world.

What makes Organic Tea different?

The difference between organic tea and regular tea is all about how it’s grown. To be classified as organic, the tea needs to be grown according to the organic agriculture principles. These principles focus on sustaining and enhancing the local ecosystem, whether it’s the soil or nearby plants and people.

The tea crops must be grown in a way that blends with the existing ecological system, while protecting the health and wellbeing of the current and future environment. In practice, this is generally carried out by smaller farms that do not use chemical pesticides and herbicides.

For a tea to be certified organic it also needs to be free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Genetic modifications are usually introduced to create tougher crops or greater yields. However, GMOs can have an adverse impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

Finally, before a product can be labeled and sold as an organic, it needs to be certified organic. Organic certification requirements depend on the country of production, country of sale and depending on the particular product. In Australia, organic certification is performed by various organisations that require accreditation from the Department of Agriculture.

But why does all this mean you should choose organic tea?

Organic Tea is better for you

You likely already know the benefits of tea, like its high antioxidant content and its relaxation properties. With organic tea, these benefits are enhanced.

Since no pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used, you aren’t at risk of unknowingly drinking these chemicals.

While conventional tea is treated to reduce the presence of these chemicals, there is no foolproof way to completely rid the product of these nasties before you drink it.

It’s better for Farmers

Organic tea is also better for the tea farmers themselves. During the cultivation and harvesting of organic tea crops, the farmers, pickers and processors don’t get exposed to these chemical pesticides and fertilisers. The chemicals used on some conventional tea farms have been found to poison farmers or increase their risk of cancer. Therefore, choosing organic means choosing a better life for the farmers who grow and harvest your tea.

Support small tea Farms

Many organic tea farms are much smaller family or community owned farms, rather than larger corporate or international mega-farms. So, by choosing organic, you’re choosing to support small, local businesses. This can have many positive effects on the local community, like increased employment, local land control and better environmental sustainability.

Support the Environment

Drinking organic tea is a simple but effective way to care for the environment. Organic farms practice organic agriculture principles, which eliminates the need for harmful farming chemicals.

Additionally, as these farms tend to be smaller, they also require less land, which can help to reduce deforestation. This further reduces the negative impact on the existing ecosystem. So, as a result, these tea farms help rather than destroy the environment.

By choosing organic over conventional tea, you’re also showing tea companies that you value sustainable and environmentally friendly tea farming practices. This can encourage conventional tea companies to improve their farms and reduce their impact on the environment in order to compete with organic businesses. Therefore, the overall tea market becomes better for the environment.

Better Taste

Since an organic tea plant is grown in an eco-friendlier environment, you’re also likely to find that the tea has a better and richer taste than conventional alternatives. This is because it hasn’t been impacted by chemicals and the crop has been well cared for.

Additionally, as the plants are not genetically modified, the unique flavour of the tea has been interfered with less. As a consumer, this means you can get a more authentic flavour.

What isn’t there to love about organic tea? With each cup of tea, you can help support tea farmers and the environment, while getting a better tea experience and taking care of yourself.

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