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8 Killer Ways to Style Cargo Pants

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Women’s cargo pants have made a dramatic return to fashion in recent months. And it’s easy to see why. They’re comfortable, practical, versatile and loaded with attitude. But if you’re not convinced, check out these eight killer ways to style women’s cargo pants.

  1. Casual Friday workwear

Come the end of the week, it’s hard to want to put on those work clothes. You just want to be comfortable and slide on into the weekend. With cargo pants, you can walk that fine line between workwear and comfort.

Team your favourite cargo pants with a tee and ballet flats for a chic but relaxed fit. Then smarten it up with a blazer for a smart-casual look that’ll soon become a Friday favourite. Aim for a streamlined colour palette to tie each piece together.

Keep accessories to a minimum to avoid over-dressing this simple look.

  1. Adventure in style

Whether you’re hiking up a hill or through the shopping mall, this adventure cargo pants outfit is perfect. Be ready for anything by pairing your cargo pants with a graphic tee and a pair of lace-up boots.

You can add accessories, like big sunglasses or chunky jewellery, or leave this look simple and unadorned.

  1. Simple yet striking

If you want to impress with minimal effort, then you need to add this striking outfit to your regular rotation.

All you need to do is team a white button-down shirt with your favourite cargo pants. This simple combination looks smart while also being utilitarian.

If you want to add a little colour or flair to this look, do so with statement shoes or a handbag. But resist layering on the accessories. Less is definitely more in this instance. If not, this chic look can become a fashion failure.

  1. Double cargo

We all know double denim is a killer look, and so is double cargo. Try this fashion forward look for yourself by pairing a cargo jacket with your pants. Coordinating outfits are on trend and this is an easy way to keep up with the latest fashion styles.

Break up the cargo with a graphic tee and belt bag for a more complex look. Then all that’s left is to decide on your shoes. The great thing about this outfit is that it looks equally fantastic with sneakers or heels, so choose what suits you.

  1. Cargo with crystals

If you love a little glam and sparkle but still want to participate in the cargo trend, then this outfit is for you. Pair cargo pants with a plain tee then add your favourite statement accessories.

You can also try adding an embroidered or jewelled statement cape or shawl to the look. This can make the look more formal without compromising on comfort.

Cargo Pants Womens Australia
  1. Ready to go

For those of us who struggle to get out the door on time, this look is a lifesaver. Start by throwing on your favourite slouchy sweater, followed by cargo pants. Finish the look with a pair of heels. You can get ready in seconds with this no-fuss but on-trend outfit.

  1. Modern throwback

Whether you were there the first time around or the early 2000s sound like ancient history, everyone can relieve the era with this classic look.

Let your cargo pants be the statement piece of this outfit. Team them with a crop top, combat boots and a choker, and get ready to live your best turn-of-the-millennium life. This pop-punk look is perfect for catching up with friends or casual trips out.

  1. Layer it

If you love both fashion and practicality, then you need a cargo pants outfit with plenty of layers.

The key to this style is in the jackets. Match a denim jacket to your cargo pants and then add a suitable larger overcoat. In this outfit, you won’t have to worry about not having enough pockets for your keys, phone and essentials. Additionally, it’s perfect for rainy weather without compromising a killer look. Here are list of female comfy cargo pants that’ll swap your style and mood.

Which look are you going to try first? And don’t forget there are plenty of other ways to style cargo pants. For instance, they can be a great addition to any festival outfit.

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