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8 Ways to use Marble around your Home

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Carrara Marble

Since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, marble has remained a highly desirable building material. Some of the world’s most recognisable buildings and artworks have been made from marble including the Taj Mahal in India, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy and Michelangelo’s Statue of David.

These days, marble is still commonly used for building and decorating in a variety of capacities. It remains popular largely because of its classical aesthetic and associations with luxury and sophistication. Marble is available in a wide range of natural colours and patterns. The most famous types of marble come from around the Italian town of Carrara and include carrara marble and calacatta marble.

However, despite its appeal and long history as a prized building material, marble is a surprisingly delicate stone. It’s a soft, porous stone that can be easily damaged and stained, at least compared to more durable materials like granite. Still, when it comes to style nothing beats marble.

So let’s have a look at some of the different ways you can use marble around the home.

  1. Kitchen benchtops

Kitchen benchtops are one of the most common uses of marble around the home. Marble’s depth and unique patterning brings a sense of luxury and sophistication to any kitchen and there’s no better place to showcase it than your benchtop.

When standing up to day to day kitchen use, marble can be prone to some staining and damage like scratching and chipping. However, this appeals to some people because over time marble benches develop a unique patina that only deepens the style and complexity of the finish.

  1. Kitchen splashbacks

Splashbacks are another great way to use marble in the kitchen. Splashbacks are used on the walls behind benchtops, sinks and stove tops to protect the wall from splashes, stains and water and heat damage. Marble splashbacks allow you to use marble to create a kitchen feature without some of the drawbacks that come with marble benchtops.

Since splashbacks are generally smaller than benchtops and require a thinner layer of marble, they are usually much more cost effective than complete marble benchtops. Splashbacks also suffer less day to day wear and tear than benchtops and so are less likely to get chipped or scratched by kitchen knives or heavy pots.

  1. Bathroom floors

Whether solid slab flooring or marble tiles, marble flooring looks fantastic in the bathroom. When properly sealed (as all marble surfaces are before use), marble floors will stand up well to bathroom moisture. If you pick a light colour with a high gloss finish, the floor will help to reflect natural light, creating a more open and airy vibe in the bathroom. Since marble doesn’t absorb heat, it will stay quite cool, which can also be helpful during the hot Aussie summer.

  1. Bathroom vanities and splashbacks

As with kitchen splashbacks, bathroom vanities and splashbacks are a great way to create a marble feature without blowing the budget. They allow you to inject a sense of style and luxury into an otherwise plain bathroom. These surfaces are also easy to clean and, properly sealed, will be waterproof and fairly (although not entirely) stain resistant.

  1. Feature walls

A single marble feature wall in a kitchen, dining room or living room is a great way to showcase the beauty of marble. You can use it to enhance the aesthetics of a room without having to worry about the wear and tear that is common with floor and benchtop surfaces.

  1. Entryway floors
Calacatta Marble

First impressions count and what better way to create an luxurious impression than with marble entryway flooring. Impress your guests with your sense of style and sophistication the moment they step through the door. Make sure you choose a tough marble and have it regularly sealed to ensure it stands up to the foot traffic.

  1. Around the fireplace

The white or black marble fireplace surround is a timeless classic. It’s easy to clean and will stand up to the heat extremely well. And the flames reflecting off the marble surface create a stunning effect.

  1. Tabletops

Whether it’s a big, beautiful marble slab for a dining table or smaller pieces for coffee or side tables, a marble tabletop can be a real eye-catcher and a great conversation piece. There are plenty of marble tables available to buy. But for a real one-off piece, you can find an old antique marble table or have a table custom-made.

There are plenty of great ways to use marble around the home. From kitchen benchtops to marble fireplace surrounds, the only limit is your imagination.

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