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9 Ways to Improve Privacy without Losing Light

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For many homeowners, trying to enhance your privacy can often come at the expense of blocking out natural light. And we all know how important natural light is around the house. It can help purify the air, kill bacteria and mould, and natural light is good for you physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, as block sizes get smaller and our neighbours get closer, sometimes privacy can start to feel like a priority. Fortunately, we have 9 ways to improve your privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Slats and Shutters

Shutters or slats can be a great way to let in light while keeping out prying eyes. Traditionally made from wood, they are also available in metal and plastic. They come in a huge range of styles and colours and can be suited to just about any decor or design aesthetic.

The best part is that you can easily control how much light you allow in just by adjusting the shutters.

Laser-cut Screens

Laser cut decorative screens can be a great way to enhance privacy while creating a dazzling statement piece for your backyard, patio or balcony. Range than plain timber screening or trelliswork, a laser cut screen can feature just about any design you can think of. Available in a range of different materials, they can be custom made to suit just about any outdoor space.

Besides improving privacy, screens with a white or reflective finish can actually increase natural light.

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Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is an extremely versatile solution. It works just as well inside the home as it does outside. Frosting is a popular choice for bathrooms, including on shower screens, to create added privacy.

When it comes to window frosting, there’s a variety of styles and intensities you can choose from. You may only want to frost a portion of the glass rather than the entire window. Alternatively, you may want to use frosting to create an eye-catching embellishment.

However you choose to use frosted windows, you’ll find that it allows plenty of natural light, while enhancing privacy.

Stained glass

Stained glass is a classic way of turning glass into feature pieces. With stained glass, the colour of the glass and the intricacy of the pattern can help to maintain your privacy. It still lets light in and can even cast beautiful coloured light around your home.

Tinted Windows

Whether you buy pre-tinted window glass or add a tinted film, there’s lots to love about window tinting. Firstly, your view will remain almost entirely unchanged. The tint only slightly darkens the colours and does not obstruct your view like other privacy solutions. But while you can easily see out, no one can see in.

Secondly, as the tinting reduces heat transfer, you may even find that you save on your energy bills. With your home taking in less heat in summer, you may not need to run your air conditioning as often.

Green Screen

For an environmentally friendly privacy method, you can grow a green screen, or vertical garden. Simply place a lattice in front of your window and plant some climbing vines. With this technique, light can still enter your home and you can have a natural screen that brings the outdoors inside. Green screens come with the added bonus of helping to cool the area and purify the air.

Sheer Curtains

Light and floaty, sheer curtains have been a favourite for many homeowners to improve their privacy without diminishing the natural light that enters their home. The gauzy material allows light to easily pass through but they aren’t transparent.

Sheer curtains are a handy solution to the problem and can be used as needed. Unlike other solutions where it can be difficult, if not impossible, to fully and temporarily remove the privacy measure, you can throw open those curtains as often as you want.

There’s no reason to complain about having to choose between privacy and natural light again. With so many solutions out there, you can even mix and match to create exactly the space you want.

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