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Amethyst: Meaning, Healing Properties and Powers

by Dhara Shah
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If you’re someone who regularly buys crystals, then you’ve no doubt heard about amethyst. Generally believed to be one of the most powerful crystals available, amethyst has long been used for its healing and protective properties.

Famous for its striking violet purple hues, amethyst quartz is a semi-precious crystal that can be used for a range of healing and wellness purposes. Below, we’ll explore everything there is to know about amethyst and how it can bring healing and harmony into your life.


Throughout history, amethyst has had many different meanings and has been used in various ways to protect and heal. Deriving from the Greek word amestuthos, which translates to “not intoxicated”, amethyst was used in ancient Greece to prevent overindulgence and drunkenness. In Greek mythology, a titan named Rhea gave the god of wine, Dionysus, an amethyst stone to help maintain his sanity.

In modern times, amethyst is believed to help open your third eye, providing you with a source of wisdom and power. This can be used to enhance enlightenment, with many claiming that amethyst is the key to living a more spiritual life full of tranquillity and free of negative energy. This is why it remains one of the most popular crystals, and continues to be used around the world.

Healing Properties & Powers

Amethyst is said to have many healing properties and powers, some of which include:

  • Strengthening the immune system: Amethyst is said to help the body fight and defeat diseases, while also purifying the blood and lowering physical, emotional and psychological pain
  • Improving sobriety: Amethyst is believed to produce a calming effect on the mind that prevents overindulgence and consuming too much alcohol
  • Enhancing spirituality: By opening one’s third eye, amethyst can potentially improve your intuition and enhance your psychic abilities
  • Promoting tranquillity and inner peace: Amethyst can help relieve stress and pain, as well as feelings of anger, rage and fear
  • Increasing hormone production: Many believe that amethyst plays a pivotal role in metabolism and balances the endocrine system by helping increase hormone production
  • Protecting against dark forces: Wearing an amethyst crystal is believed to protect you from suffering and outside forces with malicious intentions
  • Insomnia relief: Many say that amethyst can help improve sleep as well as help one remember their dreams more clearly
  • Balancing emotions and creating a space for emotional healing: One of the reasons amethyst is considered so powerful is because it can centre one’s emotions and help one deal with both the highs and the lows of life
  • Relieving stress and clearing the mind: Amethyst is said to help those dealing with chaotic times in their life face any problems they may be having
  • Stimulating new ideas: Amethyst can potentially have a positive impact on the mind by helping you produce new ideas and innovations


Amethyst can be used in many different ways to harness its power in the most appropriate manner. Here are some of the ways it can be used in your life:

Wearing Amethyst

Amethyst crystals are ideal jewellery pieces, thanks to their beauty and hardness which allows them to be cut without crumbling. Whether as pendants, rings, amulets or more, wearing amethyst crystals can help bring peace and tranquillity into your life at all times.

Those who work in business may benefit from amethyst in particular as it can help promote feelings of calm in stressful situations while also assisting you in coming up with strong arguments in professional settings where negotiation is essential. It can also assist in intellectual reasoning and help bring luck and prosperity to its wearer.

Amethyst for Meditation

Amethyst is often used for meditation thanks to its ability to open one’s third eye and increase feelings of calm and awareness. It’s important to connect with your crystal and understand it, and you can do this by learning the details of its shape and colour and sleeping with it under your pillow.

Before you begin your mediation, always cleanse and purify your amethyst by washing it gently with a soap solution and using incense and candles to cleanse it and help its energy be harnessed. Once you’re ready to begin, choose a bright room without distractions or background noise and begin your meditation.

Amethyst at Home

Amethyst can be used in many places across the home, such as in decor and accessories, coasters, centrepieces and much more. By bringing the fire energy of the amethyst into your home, you can improve warmth, happiness and illumination to name a few, making it ideal for shared areas such as the living room or dining room.

The power of amethyst can also be harnessed in the bedroom to help couples develop a strong relationship physically and emotionally.

Thanks to its enduring popularity, amethyst can be easily found in crystal shops around the world in all its different forms, such as clusters, points, raw form, spheres and plates. Whether it’s to help with mediation or to assist you in your everyday life, amethysts have the power to change our lives for the better.

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