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Five Reasons to Get a Family Photo

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Those special family moments can go by so quickly. Blink and you might miss them. Babies turn into children, kids grow up and move out. Before you know it, you’re left with nothing but memories.

A good family photographer can help you to capture those precious moments and ensure those memories last a lifetime. So here are five solid reasons to get the family together and invest in some family photography.

1. Celebrating adult milestones

When celebrating milestones, you should stay in the present and enjoy the moment as much as possible. However, 21st birthdays and high school or university graduations don’t come around every day. So, why not commemorate these occasions with a professional photoshoot with friends and family?

If you’ve missed your opportunity to have a photographer at your event, you can always get your photos taken afterwards. Some studios even have graduation gowns for those who want to commemorate high school or college graduations after the ceremony.

2. Capturing baby milestones

Baby milestones are fleeting and should be celebrated as much as possible. With the rise of social media, there are plenty of young adults that are now wanting to share pictures of themselves when they were toddlers.

If you have a child, it’s a good idea to take a family photo for each baby milestone that they reach. Also, it doesn’t have to stop once they reach school age. You can keep taking family photos into their primary school years, documenting their growth as they become their own person.

The best part about capturing baby milestones is that the child will often not remember those moments. Family photos will enable them to see their younger selves and wonder if they really did look like that.

Many parents regret not taking enough photos during their child’s formative years. Though you might regret the way you dressed 10 years ago, you won’t regret having an important family photo taken.

3. Commemorating a reunion

Unfortunately (or fortunately), your family isn’t going to be living in the same home as you for the rest of your life. Each member will eventually go their own way and move out for work or for school.

Because of this, it’s rare for older families to have a physical reunion. Although technology has made it easier for us to connect from long distances, it’s not the same as being in the same house, in the same room, eating the same food.

Therefore, it’s worth getting a family photo taken whenever you get the chance to get everyone together. Additionally, having this new photo taken might help certain family members deal with homesickness while they’re away.

If you want a nice family photograph with everyone in the shot, consider hiring a professional photographer.

4. A farewell

After taking a few baby photos, you’ll soon wake up to find your eldest child packing for university. Instead of wondering how they grow up so fast, you should take this time to take a final family photo before your child goes out into the big world.

Shortly after this, they might start a family and move into a home of their own. For many students, leaving for university is usually their first experience living away from home. Some students may never live with their parents again after graduation. Because of this, it’s good to document the final days of living in the same home. Many are eager to move out but, eventually, most of them will end up missing the days of living in the same household as their parents.

Taking family photos is also a good idea if someone is moving to another state or country due to work obligations or military service.

5. Remembering

In order to truly enjoy the beauty of life, you must accept the fact that it’s finite. Health complications, accidents and natural aging are unavoidable. While we can’t have every single family member with us all the time, we can always immortalise them through mementos, heirlooms, videos and photos.

The family photos that you’ve taken over the years will eventually be used to remember a relative that has passed.

Life is short. So, call up your grandparents, your parents, your siblings or your children and capture a moment that will soon be lost to time. When it comes to family photography, make sure to hire the best photographers in town. Capture those smiles and immortalise those memories.