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Great Ideas for Renovating a Small Ensuite

by Daniel D’Andreo
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When it comes to home renovations, deciding what to do with a small ensuite space can be tricky. An ensuite bathroom, particularly a small one, needs to be practical and functional while making the best possible use of the available area. Space constraints can mean that you don’t have much flexibility, which can limit your bathroom renovation options.

However, just because the space is small, doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty you can do to update, improve and makeover your ensuite. Check out these great ideas for renovating a small ensuite bathroom.

Renovate your Shower Screens

The shower area is generally the biggest user of space in a small bathroom. Incorporating an updated shower screen system can help you make the best use of small spaces. Features like sliding doors, curved screens and frameless designs can maximise shower space, still allowing plenty of floor space for everything else. A frameless shower screen design can also help to create a greater sense of space. Here are some points to keep in mind before installing frameless shower screens.

Update the Vanity

Another good way to help maximise space and room is to upgrade the bathroom vanity. For example, floating shelving units, corner units, pedestal vanities and curved edges is a great way to make the best use of space. Floating vanities can be a great option as they still provide plenty of bench space while allowing for storage space underneath.

Add Storage Space

One of the biggest problems with a small bathroom is the lack of storage space. So enhancing the storage options can free up floor space while improving functionality. Floating shelves are a great way of making use of unused wall areas. You can also look at sinking cubbies and alcoves into the walls to create sunken storage areas. Using baskets under a floating vanity is also a great way to store spare towels.

Fit the Toilet Cistern in the Wall

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Many toilets have the cistern present within the room, but for a small ensuite an exposed toilet cistern can take up a lot of valuable space. Fitting the toilet cistern into the wall reduces the amount of space the toilet takes up. It also tends to look much neater and generally more suitable. It’s a simple aesthetic finish with a great payoff in both style and function.

Invest in Natural Lighting

Often a small ensuite can lose its charm due to a lack of natural lighting. If you don’t want a direct window in case it harms privacy, you should look to use natural lighting. For example, a skylight could be installed to help draw in more natural light – with some mirrors included, too, this can help to add even more natural brightness into the room, acting as auxiliary windows in an otherwise closed space.

So, if you have an ensuite at home that needs a fair bit of work and effort in renovation, you should start with these ideas above. They might just help you to make the most of what was an otherwise closed, tight space.

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