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Great Ideas for Your Next Boys Night

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Just finished work for the week and looking to get the boys together? Or do you have a special occasion coming up? Maybe a birthday or bucks show? Or maybe you’ve just got some mates coming to town and you’re trying to work out what to do.

Coming up with ideas for a boys day/night can be tough and too often we just fall back on the same old choices.

But if you’re looking for something a little bit different, a bit wild or crazy, to do with the boys this weekend, we have some great ideas.

Do something adventurous

Boys nights can end up a little boring when you just do the same thing every time. We’ve all had those nights where we struggle to keep the conversation going over a few beers down the local. So why not get the boys together and try something a little bit adventurous?

Adventure activities like paintball, rock climbing, axe throwing, archery (or arrow tag!) and go karting are a great way to get the adrenaline pumping and put a little competitive edge into your boys night.

While not all of these are great nighttime activities, and many of them require the boys to be sober, they can be great afternoon activities before kicking off the evening fun.

Poker Night

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If your crew likes a bit of a gamble, get the boys together, grab the cards and chips, a few cigars and a bottle of whiskey and you’ve got a poker night.

Most blokes tend to love a game of poker. There’s money involved and a good dose of deviousness and deception (and a bit of luck). You can try to outthink and out-strategise your mates and you can talk a whole lot of smack. It’s also a great way to get a little fun gambling going without having to hit up a casino (which isn’t everyone’s scene).

Go to a Game

When was the last time you went to a game with the guys? Whether you’re AFL fans, or into soccer or basketball, taking in a game with mates is a great way to bond, sink a few beers and cheer for your favourite team.

Add a bit more excitement to your night by chucking a sneaky causal bet on the game (winner buys the first round after the game!).

Can’t make it to an actual game? Book a spot in your favourite sports bar and settle in with the big-screen TVs, flowing beers and all the greasy food you can handle.

Video Games

If your boys are gamers, get the crew together for a games night. Get the consoles out and do something at home, or head out to an arcade style games venue like Fortress Melbourne.

Food & Drink Night

Knock the drinking night up a notch and do something a little nicer than smashing beers at your local.

If your crew appreciates a craft beer, there are plenty of great craft breweries around Melbourne that offer brewery tours and beer tastings. Or you can do a winery tour or wine or whiskey tasting. There are even cocktail bars around Melbourne that offer cocktail making classes.

If the blokes are foodies, find yourself a fancy feed for the night. Dig up a good bbq joint and dig into some delicious slow-cooked meats, find a good steak place, or for the serious foodies, find a good high-end degustation.

Do Something Sexy

Looking for something a little more risque? Something a little naughtier? Why not try a little adult entertainment? Sure maybe the idea of hitting the local brothels with your mates is a bit much; but how about a strip club or a burlesque show. You can have a few drinks, talk to a few women and take in a show. But don’t forget to bring some cash to tip the ladies.

Whatever you guys decide to do, picking the right activities can be the difference between stilted conversation at the pub and a party night to remember.

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