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How to Match a Men’s Belt With Your Outfit

by Mudassir Zafar
Brown Belt

The belt is a simple accessory that most men don’t pay enough attention to. In a lot of instances, the belt just gets thrown on without any thought or care. This is quite unfortunate as a well-chosen belt can really elevate your outfit. It can take a messy get-up and turn it into a balanced and well-rounded ensemble.

With just a little bit of reading, you’ll be able to choose the right belt for any type of outfit that you might have. In this blog, we’re going to help you boost your confidence by discussing the key factors to consider when matching your belt with your outfit.

Know the belt types

The first thing that you should study up on are the different types of belt types and the occasions that they are suited for.

The most common belt type is probably the work belt. Typically, these are brown or black leather belts with either a silver frame buckle or a silver box buckle. A matte finish is great for work belts as it doesn’t stand out too much and it gives your office outfit a nice, clean aesthetic.

Black Leather Belt

The next type is the formal belt. This is reserved for occasions like weddings, graduations, balls and so on. In these instances, you want every detail to look as good as possible. Because of this, formal belts often have an explicit texture and feature more luxurious metals like gold or polished silver. In general, formal belts have darker colours like a deep brown or a clean black. Most formal belts also have frame belts as opposed to bulkier box buckles.

The last type are casual belts. These belts can take on any form. They can be leather belts, canvas belts or even braided belts. Colours and patterns can also vary. There are white belts, multi-coloured belts, light tan belts, camo belts and so on.

Match your leathers and metals

Once you’ve chosen the right belt for the occasion, it’s time to think about how it’s going to match your outfit.

When it comes to belts there is one big rule to keep in mind: match your leathers. This means the leather of the belt, your shoes and even your watch should be matching. As much as possible, try to get the exact shade for all your leather accessories. A little difference isn’t too much of an issue. However, if your belt ends up looking much lighter than your shoes, it’s going to throw your outfit out of balance.

If you really want to go above and beyond, you should also try to match your metals. The buckle of your belt, metals of your watch and your jewellery should be matching. The only exception to this should be your wedding ring.

Know when to break the rules

As with anything in fashion, nothing is set in stone. The matching leather rule is only a general guideline and should be broken when necessary. For example, maybe you’re wearing a casual outfit with white shoes. Wearing a white belt in this instance will probably be too much even with a lighter colour scheme.

In some outfits, the belt might not be a large visual anchor. Sometimes it’s covered by a half-tucked dress shirt or is completely hidden under a sweater. In these cases, feel free to switch it up and match your belt with your shirt or pants instead. You may also benefit from foregoing the belt altogether.

Hopefully, this quick guide helped you better understand how to match your belt with your outfit. If you keep these simple principles in mind, you should be able to confidently reach in your wardrobe and put together a stylish and well-rounded outfit.

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