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How to Renovate a Small Kitchen

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Kitchen renovations are high on the list for many homeowners. These renovations can add significant value to a property. But if you have a small kitchen, you might think there’s little you can change. But, you’d be wrong.

Understand what you’re working with

The first step for any renovation project is to understand exactly what it is you have to work with. This will help ensure you not only stay within budget but that you get a seamless end result and nothing is left unfinished.

Start by looking over the space. Will you just be working within that space or are you intending to expand it?

Next, look at your access points. This includes any doors and windows. Will these be changing or will you be working around them?

Finally, make a note of where any outlets are. In a kitchen, you’d expect to find gas, water and electricity outlets. As with the access points, you’ll either need to design your new kitchen layout around them or be prepared for the extra work and cost involved in moving the plumbing, wiring and gas pipes.


While you’re thinking about potential layouts for your renovated kitchen, get rid of what you can from the space. This could be old appliances and crockery that you no longer use.

You may need to throw these things away or you might find room for them elsewhere in your house. Ideally, you want as clean a slate as possible for the next step and the entire renovation.

Pick a layout

Picking a kitchen style and layout can be the most stressful but also the most fun part of the renovation Use magazines and the internet to get inspiration — you can even visit friends’ homes to see a variety of styles in action.

Your budget will affect how drastically the layout of your kitchen can change. However, even with a small kitchen, you can completely redesign the space to feel brand new.

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Consider built-in appliances

As your layout starts to come together, you’ll find you need to spend a fair amount of time factoring in space for appliances. While it can be more convenient to be flexible with where appliances go, built-in appliances often make better use of the space.

Built-in appliances, or designing specific storage solutions for appliances, often means you end up with more surface space. This makes it easier to cook and move about the kitchen. With a small kitchen, maximising space like this is incredibly important.

Prioritise storage

Think about the kitchen items and appliances you use regularly. Consider how you want to store them to keep the space neat and tidy. Your solution shouldn’t involve too much hassle to get these items out regularly.

Having a range of depths and sizes in your storage spaces helps keep your kitchen functional but neat. There are also all sorts of clever cupboards these days, with units that open up or down, rather than from the side as per usual.

Ideally, you want to minimise clutter in your small kitchen. Doing so means the space feels more open and overall bigger.

Focus on lighting and colour

Speaking of opening up the space, how you use lighting and colour will make a big difference. Dark colours and little light makes a space feel close and crowded. White colours and plenty of light, on the other hand, will open the space up.

Natural light is best, so do try and incorporate a window into your layout. Having a view outside can also make the space feel bigger.

A strong renovation can make a world of difference to your home. Even with a small kitchen, you can make a big statement. Follow the tips above to create a functional space that looks great.

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