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How to Take Care of Your Healing Crystals

by Roger Smith
Healing Crystals

For many people, crystals are powerful tools for healing, channelling energies and spiritual cleansing. But did you know that the crystals themselves can become clogged with the very negative energies that we’re trying to remove? To get the most out of your healing crystals, they need to be properly cared for and regularly cleansed. Here’s what you need to do.


In order for your crystals to be effective, they need to be cleansed regularly. Cleansing removes any negative energy that the crystals have accumulated, which may interfere with their powers. Your crystals will need cleansing if they appear cloudier or less shiny than usual. They may even feel heavier than before.

These are some of the most effective ways of cleansing your healing crystals:

  • Hold your crystal and visualise a white light cleaning it of any unwanted energy
  • Rinse your crystal in water. Natural sources of water work best, like mountain springs, streams, the ocean or rainwater. You can also use tap water and visualise the water coming from one of these natural sources if it’s more convenient
  • Leave your crystal in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours
  • Burn sacred herbs and smudge the area around your crystal
  • Leave your crystal sitting on rock salt for a day
  • Bury your crystal for a day

Before trying any of the above cleansing methods, make sure to check what is recommended for your type of crystal. For instance, some crystals may react to minerals found in water. Others may have a special connection to an element, like sunlight, and be more effectively cleansed by this method as a result.

Healing Crystals


Once you’ve cleansed your crystal, you will want to recharge its store of positive energy. Your crystal may prove more effective as a result. Like cleansing, there are lots of ways to charge a crystal, but some may be better suited to different types of crystals.

  • Place your crystal in the sunlight or moonlight, or rest it directly on the earth for a few hours or even a day
  • Leave your crystal outside during a thunderstorm
  • Rest your crystal on an amethyst cluster for a day


While crystals work best when they’re kept in the open or touching your skin, sometimes you may need to store them. Your crystal will be more effective if stored correctly.

However you store your crystal, it should be kept clean and dry. It shouldn’t be exposed to dust, moisture or salty air. Exposure to these conditions can cause reactions in the crystal and may sap their energy.

Crystals also prefer to be kept in bags or boxes made from natural materials, like silk or wood, rather than man made materials, like plastic. When storing crystals, ensure they are kept separate. If not, your crystals may get damaged if they bump or rub against each other.

If you treat your crystals well, they’ll look after you. Take good care of them by regularly cleansing and recharging them. When you’re not using them, store them safely so their power is not diminished and they cannot be damaged.

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