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Managing Incontinence Using Adult Pull Ups

by Mildred

Ageing is a delicate process. As a loved one gets older, you will notice tasks that used to be easy for them become challenging altogether. One activity that seems to slip away with ageing is continence, or the ability to control bladder and bowel movements. Incontinence aids are invaluable as they help older adults deal with incontinence issues.

Adult incontinence products come in various shapes and designs. They are typically made from layers of sheets designed to absorb and hold bodily discharge for a short period. An incontinence aid that is popular among the elderly is the pull-up.

What are pull-ups?

As bladder and bowel functions deteriorate, the ability to hold them becomes more challenging for the elderly. The primary function of pull-up pants is to soak up discharge while keeping a user dry for many hours. You can find a good adult pull ups collection that has added odour control feature. Older adults typically wear them if they plan on going outdoors or at night while asleep.

Who are pull-ups for?

Adult pull-ups are usually indicated for older men and women who suffer from moderate to heavy incontinence issues. Apart from keeping users dry and comfortable, pull-ups help uphold the users’ dignity as they can be easily worn without assistance. While the elderly are the most common wearers of adult pull-ups, younger or middle-aged adults with incontinence issues also benefit from wearing the same product in place of a regular undergarment.

Why are pull-ups better than adult diapers?

In terms of material construction and design, pull-ups are considered to be far stronger and more durable than adult diapers. Most companies that design pull-ups for adults use thicker, more absorbent materials to ensure maximum protection and comfort for the wearer. Additionally, adults’ pull-ups are more form-fitting, giving off the look and feel of regular underwear.

What are the different types of adult pull-ups?

There are two different types of pull-ups for adults, namely the washable or reusable pull-ups and disposable pull-ups. Between these two styles, the latter is preferred due to its higher level of cleanliness and sanitation. You can easily throw them away after one use, thus reducing a user’s risk of developing allergies to detergents and other washing products. Listed below are tips when buying adult pull-ups.

Are there adult pull-ups for nighttime use only?

The overnight needs of the elderly or individuals with urinary incontinence are typically greater, so choose adult pull-ups with leakproof features. Overnight diapers are designed to protect their wearers against leaks while sleeping. Ideally, it would be best to buy an adult pull-up made from breathable material to avoid skin irritation. Overnight pull-ups may also be used during the day, especially for individuals with severe incontinence issues.

How do you find the right fit?

When it comes to adult pull-ups, it all boils down to measurement. To find the appropriately sized pull-up, measuring the waist and hip areas is essential. Wrap the tape measure around your abdominal area. Make sure to stretch the tape across both hips, levelling it with the belly button.

Once you finally get an accurate measurement of your waist, you can then refer to the product-specific sizing of your preferred brand. When shopping for incontinence products such as adult pull-ups, it is crucial to get a comfortable and snug fit. This will ensure optimum comfort and mobility all day long. After all, an adult pull-up cannot prevent leaks if it is too small or too big. Comfort must be a top priority when shopping for pull-ups. Look for a style that can be worn or taken off quickly. Since the elderly will be using it for most of their day or night, choose a pull-up made from hyper-absorbent materials.

Are there gender-specific adult pull-ups?

Another excellent way to guarantee a good fit is to purchase adult pull-ups meant for your gender. While there are unisex options on the market, they are less likely to work as well as gender-specific adult pull-ups. Manufacturers offering gender-specific adult pull-ups have the specific needs of both genders in mind, including body shape, urinary flow, and more.

Are there adult pull-ups in plus sizes?

Most incontinence manufacturers sell pull-ups in plus sizes, ranging between extra-large and 3XL. A 3XL adult pull-up can comfortably fit a waist of up to 92 inches. Fit is an essential factor to consider when shopping for adult pull-ups. You want to ensure the wearer’s safety, so make sure to buy the correct size. A form-fitting one allows for greater freedom of movement. Additionally, it can help prevent leakages and accidents.

What is the level of absorbency you need?

Manufacturers use maximum and ultimate absorbency to describe the absorbency of adult pull-ups. However, these definitions can vary widely between manufacturers and product lines. To help consumers, incontinence products indicate how many ounces of liquid products they can efficiently hold without leakage. Here are references that you must keep in mind when shopping for adult pull-ups:

  • 8 ounces = 1 cup
  • 64 ounces = ½ gallon
  • 128 ounces = 1 gallon

It is also crucial to remember that an adult bladder is considered full when it holds 16 ounces of urine. It can, however, stretch to absorb up to 24 ounces of urine. The number of adult pull-ups an individual with urinary incontinence can use in a day can exceed more than ten a day.

What are the features to look for when shopping for adult pull-ups?

Here are some crucial features that you should never miss out on when shopping for adult pull-ups:

  • Excellent speed of absorbency to keep the skin dry.
  • Liquid repelling leak barrier cuffs to hold urine inside the pad.
  • Clothlike stretch panels to enhance the comfort of the wearer.
  • Breathable material to reduce the risk of skin allergies, itching, and inflammation.
  • Choose an adult pull-up with excellent odour control.

Final thoughts

With a wide range of pull-up products in various styles, features, and sizes, it becomes easy to choose an adult pull-up that fits the specific needs of the elderly suffering from incontinence. And don’t forget to ensure your elderly loved one’s safety at home.

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