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Polishing your Car – Why it’s Important

by Wayne Anderson
Car Polishing Werribee

Taking care of your car’s paintwork isn’t just for car collectors and petrol-heads. It’s an important part of vehicle maintenance for any car owner.

Keeping the paintwork in good condition keeps your car looking great. But it does more than that. It also helps to maintain the resale value and protect the bodywork from rust and corrosion.

Day to day driving can start to take its toll on your car’s paintwork. UV damage from the sun, road contamination, bird droppings and inevitable scrapes and scuffs that come with driving can accumulate over time and start to fade and corrode the paintwork.

While washing your car regularly is important to prevent the build up of contaminants on the paint, there are some things that a bucket and sponge just won’t get rid of.

So let’s have a look at a few reasons why polishing your car is about more than just getting that showroom shine.

Prevents UV damage

The harsh Aussie sun can do some serious damage to your paintwork. Over time, it can oxidise and fade even the best quality paints. The best way to prevent this is to park your car indoors or in a shaded place whenever possible. However, your car will still inevitably spend plenty of time out in the sun. A high-quality polish and wax will remove contaminants from the surface and help to filter out the harmful UV rays and protect your car from sun damage.

Removes road contaminants

Getting out on the wide open road is what your car’s all about. Unfortunately, there are a lot of contaminants from the road that build-up on your paintwork and start to do it damage over time. This includes road tar, dirt, grease and oils, metal dusts, concrete dusts and airborne pollutants. Polishing your car from time to time will remove these materials from the paintwork before they can do permanent damage.

Removes natural contaminants

Bird droppings and dead insects contain acids that over time can build up on your car and start to eat through the paintwork. Irrigation water and even rain water (depending on the level of pollution where you live) will evaporate off your car leaving behind mineral and chemical compounds that can also damage your paintwork. Occasional car polishing will remove these acids and minerals before serious damage can be done.

Car Polishing Werribee

Washing isn’t enough

Regularly washing your car will remove most of these contaminants, but not all. A bucket and sponge can only get rid of so much, and the remainder can be the harmful elements that will do damage over time.

That’s why it’s worth investing in a professional polish, wax and even a ceramic coating. A professional car polish will remove all the contaminants from the surface of the vehicle without doing any damage to the top layer of paint or the clear coat.

DIY or professional polish?

There are plenty of home car polishing kits available from automotive stores. While the quality and results of these products will vary from brand to brand, the real difference lies in the expertise of whoever’s doing the polishing.

Using the wrong polishing compounds, polishing pads or equipment can actually end up damaging the paint, whether that’s scuffs and swirl marks or, in extreme cases, burning through the paint to the steel underneath.

A professional car detailer will be able to assess your paintwork, determine the level of polishing required for the best results and provide the best wax or ceramic coating to protect your paintwork.

Whether you’re in love with your car or you’re just looking out for its resale value, getting your car polished and waxed once every six to 12 months will help keep the paintwork in showroom shine condition.

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