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The Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

by Roger Smith
Glass Pool Fencing

Owning a swimming pool isn’t just all soaking and sunbathing. It requires ongoing maintenance, investment and, of course, safety. And this means pool fencing.

In Melbourne and across Victoria, swimming pools are required by law to be surrounding by safety fencing. This is required primarily to ensure that children can’t access the pool unsupervised. However, it’s also important to stop general accidents and prevent pets from getting into the pool area.

While the safety reasons for pool fencing are obvious and indisputable, the unfortunate reality is that many available fencing options are ugly and difficult to maintain. But not all of them.

Glass pool fencing offers a range of benefits that other types of fencing simply can’t compete with. From the sleek and streamlined aesthetics to the ease of cleaning and maintenance, there are plenty of reasons to make glass your number one choice when it comes to pool fencing.

Here are 5 benefits to choosing glass pool fencing:

  1. Improves swimming pool safety

    So, let’s get real here. Any fencing will improve pool safety. However, for some types of fencing, the materials themselves can become a safety hazard. Traditional metal bar fencing can lead to injuries when little hands and feet get caught under the fence or between the bars. If not properly installed or coated, this kind of fencing can corrode, leaving sharp metal flakes around the pool area.

    Glass fencing doesn’t have gaps to catch little hands and feet and won’t corrode. It’s made from ultra-strong float-toughened safety glass, which is incredibly strong. And even if it does break, it’s designed to break into small blunt pieces that won’t cut or injure you or your family.

  2. Offers an unobstructed view of the pool area

    Frameless glass pool fencing provides a crystal clear view across your pool area and backyard. The high-quality glass panels present minimal optical distortion and the frameless design means that no unsightly metal bars or railings obstruct your view.

    No only does the clear view allow for better pool safety, but it creates a greater sense of space and means that your pool can be better integrated into the overall design aesthetic of your entire backyard and garden area.

  3. Easy to maintain

    Glass fencing is extremely easy to clean and maintain. All it requires is a regular wipe-down with water and detergent and you’ve got great looking and long-lasting fencing. All fixings are made from premium stainless steel and are fully resistant to corrosion from water, salt and pool chemicals.

  4. Tough and durable

    Glass fencing is made from toughened safety glass. It’s incredibly strong and long lasting and, when supplied and installed by a quality company, will come with an extensive warranty. All fixings and hinges are made from marine grade stainless steel and are ultra-durable and extremely long lasting.

  5. Easy to install

    One more advantage of this type of fencing is its ease of installation. Professional installation is fairly quick and simple, especially when working with a reliable and experienced pool fencing company. There is also a versatile range of installation options that can be custom-designed to specifically suit your pool area or backyard layout.

  6. Affordable

    Considering the long life of the fence, the high-quality of the materials and the extremely low maintenance requirements, glass pool fencing is a surprisingly affordable option.

    Whether you are installing a pool from scratch or you need to replace a rickety old fence, glass pool fencing is the premium option without the premium price tag.

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