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The Benefits of Living in a Master Planned Community

by Matt Ryan
Urban Planning Melbourne

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home or move to a new home, it’s worth considering the benefits of living in a master planned community. As Australian cities continue to grow and urban density increases, master planned communities offer a range of benefits including better allocation of space and resources and convenient access to all necessary facilities and amenities.

Master planned communities are comprehensively designed residential areas, based on detailed urban planning research and analysis. They are intended to foster a strong sense of community and provide a self-enclosed and sustainable suburban hub. They generally include pre-planned homes along with recreational, cultural, retail and essential services. Ideally, you would rarely need to go outside this community to access everything you need.

Of course, an urban planner has a lot to do to create the best planned community possible. This can include consulting with specialist experts to ensure quality and appropriate infrastructure, as well as working with local council. Therefore, a master planned community can take a long time to put together, but the results are well worth it.

Why live in a master planned community?

There are plenty of benefits to living in a master planned community. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

  • A sense of community and belonging

While technology allows us to stay in contact with friends and family, no matter where they are, interacting with your local community is still important. It can give us an immediate sense of belonging, making us feel happier while also helping us to feel more safe and secure in our neighbourhood.

Additionally, a strong sense of community can improve everyone’s lives. You and your neighbours are more likely to look after each other, for instance. This can include helping you when you’re stressed or upset, as well as encouraging positive behaviours like exercise and self-growth.

Community is typically at the heart of any master planned neighbourhood. As the area is designed to be essentially self-sufficient, it emphasises connection between the people living there. This may occur through friendships with neighbours and local business owners and service providers. Often this happens naturally through regular interaction, rather than forced or conscious efforts.

  • Everything you need is nearby
Urban Planning Melbourne

Unlike communities that naturally develop, a planned community is designed to have everything you need within a convenient distance. In non-planned communities, you may need to travel some distance to access basic services, like supermarkets, schools, or healthcare providers. However, in a planned community the town planners ensure that all necessary services are available within the community. As a result, you’ll find yourself needing to travel less often or for shorter periods. This can mean more time to spend with friends and family, as well as achieving a better work–life balance. Your spare time will no longer be wasted on traveling to access necessary services.

  • Know what you’re getting before it’s built

If you’re looking to purchase property within a master planned community, you need to get as much information as possible. This way, you can ensure the community will provide you with everything you need. Thankfully, plans for these communities are often freely available and you can take advantage of this

Start by looking at what services are offered. Will you be able to do your regular grocery shop there or have to go beyond? What about education and medical services? And will this community foster an identity that meets your values, such as sustainability and multiculturalism?

A planned community removes a lot of the risk from purchasing property, particularly if the area is yet to be developed. Don’t risk buying in a dud area. Instead, opt for a planned community that suits you and your family.

  • Have an easy commute
Urban Planning Melbourne

Sometimes it’s not possible to provide employment opportunities within the community for everyone living there. However, to deal with this, many master planned communities will be designed with strong transport links. This may include motorways or freeways for private motorists, as well as public transport hubs, like bus and train stations.

Many areas that develop naturally often have congested or limited transport links. There may be only one road in and out that gets choked with traffic each day. Or there may be limited public transportation options. But with a master planned community, you can look forward to an easy commute. You can be sure there’ll be plenty of public transport options, as well as access for motorists so traffic jams aren’t a regular worry.

  • Enjoy green spaces

Research has long shown that green spaces are good for physical and mental health. But these green spaces can be few and far between in congested urban areas. However, a master planned community can be designed to ensure there are a range of green spaces.

Proper urban planning can incorporate and enhance existing green space. This can be vital to ensuring wildlife habitats are maintained even as the area is developed, as well as preserving natural features, like bushland and waterways.

Additionally, a planned community can also add further green space to an area. This may mean laying turf or propagating natural grasses, along with planting trees. To encourage people to the area, town planners may also add recreational facilities like sporting fields and playgrounds.

When you live in a master planned community, you and your family can enjoy all the benefits. This includes a sense of belonging, easy access to all the services you need and plenty of green spaces to enjoy.

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