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The Best Accessories to prevent your Phone Screen Cracking

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Smartphone screens can be frustratingly delicate and surprisingly costly to repair if cracked or shattered. However, being proactive can save you spending hundreds on phone repairs. Here are four great phone accessories that will help you to take care of your phone screen.

Protective Case

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Prioritise protection over aesthetics when purchasing a phone case. A good phone case should protect your phone from drops and knocks.

Choose a case that has a raised bezel or extended edge around the phone screen. If you drop the phone, the bezel should be what first hits the ground, taking the brunt of the impact.

The case should be designed to distribute shock away from the screen. Typically, this is achieved by using rubber which can absorb the impact somewhat, stopping your screen from cracking.

Look for brands that do a lot of drop testing and offer military grade drop and shock protection. Here are list of Best iPhone Protective Cases to protect your iPhone.

Glass Screen Protector

Glass Screen Protector

While protective cases are a must-have, they will not protect your phone’s screen in every instance. For example, they may only be rated to a certain drop height. Similarly, if you drop your phone onto a rocky surface, the lip may not be big enough to prevent the screen from being chipped.

As a result, you need to pair your protective case with a quality glass screen protector. These tempered glass sections adhere easily to your phone screen without leaving a sticky residue. And when you drop your phone, the protector takes the impact, cracking so that your screen doesn’t.

Once they have cracked, screen protectors should be replaced to prevent damage to your phone. Small chips of glass can scratch the screen or even cut you.

You can also purchase plastic screen protectors. However, many phone users prefer the feel of tempered glass.

Phone Wallet

Phone Wallet

A phone wallet can provide additional protection to the front of your phone, including the screen. As most protective cases do not cover the front of your phone, a phone wallet can be an extra layer of prevention when combined with a screen protector.

For a phone wallet to be as effective as possible, it should have a clasp to keep it closed. This stops the wallet from flipping open as the phone falls, leaving the screen exposed. Choose a wallet with a strong clasp — magnetic clasps are often not enough.

Additionally, fill your phone wallet with cards and cash. If you drop your phone, these act as a form of padding, absorbing some of the impact.


Phone Accessories

As a final measure, we recommend also using a phone grip like a PopSocket. The PopSocket acts as a handhold, giving you a better grip on your phone. This makes the phone easier to handle, meaning you will be less likely to drop it.

PopSockets can also be functional, acting as a miniature stand for your phone. This can be useful when watching videos on the go. Read our another post on Repair or Replace a Damage Mobile Phone.

When it comes to cracked phone screens, prevention is better (and cheaper) than the cure. Protect your phone screen from cracking by investing in a quality case, wallet, screen protector and PopSocket.

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