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The Best Crystals for Meditation (and how to use them)

by Dhara Shah
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Crystals have a long history of being used for their healing and meditative powers, with the ancient Sumerians reportedly using crystals in their rituals as far back as 4500 BC.

To this day, crystals remain highly sought after for their spiritual properties. But with so many different options and forms of meditation, it can be difficult to find a winning formula that works for you.

With that in mind, in this article we’ll go through some of the best crystals out there and how you can use them on your spiritual journey. Next time you’re in a crystal shop, keep an eye out for these types of crystals and kick-start your meditation journey.


One of the most recognisable crystals out there, amethysts are covered in deep purple hues and have an impressively enduring popularity. It is connected to your third-eye chakra, which is believed to be linked to our intuition, perception and spiritual communication.

This makes it ideal for mediation and can be used to encourage inner peace and stress relief, all while helping you become more aware of your spirituality.

Lapis lazuli

With its regal blues and hints of gold, the lapis lazuli is a bold and powerful crystal. It is especially great for beginners, as it is said to aid spiritual development, increasing your intuition and connecting you with the spiritual realm.

It is also known as the stone of friendship and truth and can be used to protect and strengthen important relationships in your life.

Rose quartz

With its baby pink tones, it’s no surprise that the rose quartz is the stone of love. Not only is it said to build and enhance loving relationships, but it can boost feelings of self-love too.

Meditating with rose quartz may be useful when you’re struggling with self-acceptance, or if you are having a hard time opening yourself up to love and the possibility of a new relationship.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is believed to provide one with powerful protection against negative energies and vibes. It also is highly grounding, meaning that you can stay clear-minded and relaxed during your meditation sessions.


Known for its ability to encourage feelings of peace and serenity, selenite is incredibly popular to mediate with for those seeking clarity and a clear mind.

When the stresses of life are becoming a bit much to handle, selenite can help to reconnect with your consciousness while also bettering your self-awareness.

How to use them

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Once you’ve decided which crystals you want to use, it’s time to decide how you want to meditate with them. Different methods work for different people, so experiment with your options and find what feels most comfortable for you.

In the bath

Many people love to meditate with their crystals in the bath, as the serene environment helps them to relax and block out the rest of the world. If you’re looking to buy crystals to place in the bath with you, just make sure that they are waterproof. Certain types such as selenite and calcite will dissolve in the water with you.

On your chakras

Our chakras are believed to be the energy centres of our bodies. Although we have 114 altogether, there are seven main chakras that each have a specific health-related focus.

While meditating, many people find it useful to place their crystals on the chakra that they wish to target. This allows them to activate these targeted areas and be as effective as possible.

Crystal grids or circles

Many people choose to meditate with their crystals placed in front of or surrounding them. More specifically, crystal grids can be used to place them in sacred geometry shapes to increase their abilities and better your meditation practices.

Pre-set grids are available or you can take it a step further by designing your own so that it perfectly aligns with your goals and spiritual desires.

Mediation is an amazing practice that can help equip us with the tools to handle this busy, stress-inducing world. Finding the right crystals and meditation methods for you may take some time, but with the help of this guide, you should be well on your way.

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