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The Difference Between an Architect and a Builder

by Mark Ainley
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Building and designing a home takes a lot of hard-working professionals on your team, and collaboration between experts from various industries. When it comes to your architect and your builder, many people make the mistake of thinking that they’re one and the same.

While they all have the same end goal of delivering a client’s building efficiently and effectively, the truth is their responsibilities and professional backgrounds differ greatly. It’s up to you to find both an architect and a builder that you can trust to work together and with you to get a job well done.

Before making any decisions regarding the design and construction of your new home, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the role both your architect and builder will have throughout this journey. This way you’ll be able to manage your expectations, be involved in every step of the process and be completely aware of what you’re getting into before any contracts are signed.

Despite their different backgrounds and areas of expertise, the best homes are built by experienced and skilled architects and builders who are able to collaborate and communicate successfully. Here are the differences between an architect and a builder, and the different responsibilities they’ll soon be taking on.

The architect

Architects lead the design process, working closely with the client to turn their vision to workable drawings and create something that’s both aesthetically pleasing but also functional and safe. After taking into account factors such as the location, space and functional requirements, they’ll then get to work on the layout, facilities and internal and external design appearance.

This includes everything from the size of the rooms, the doors and windows, the width and length of the building and much more. It’ll also be up to them to ensure that it meets the relevant codes and regulations such as energy rating requirements, fire resistance and natural lighting standards.

Your architect will also have to work with the local council to create a project that meets their standards, which can impact the height you can build, how closely you can build to the perimeters of your land and safety concerns.

Once all this has been completed, they’ll provide your builder with a copy of the blueprint for the home, which will involve detailed technical drawings and plans for them to follow as they get to work on constructing your home.

An architect will have a relevant degree in either architecture or drafting and they tend to be the client’s first point of contact. This is why it’s so important that you find an architect that you can trust and have a good rapport with, as it’s essential that all communication is clear and transparent. In many cases, they’ll also be communicating with the builder on your behalf, so finding an architect who’s easy to work with and has strong interpersonal skills will go a long way.

The builder

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Once all the design elements have been finalised and approved by the local council, the builder will begin overseeing the construction process. Their main concern will be bringing the architect’s and your vision to life, following their guidelines closely and working throughout the construction to ensure everything’s going as planned.

A good custom home builder’s main area of concern will be to ensure that things don’t fall behind the timeline and that any unforeseen structural or practical issues are dealt with accordingly and efficiently. It’s up to them to source the building materials and calculate costs and quantities, as well as organise skilled and unskilled labour and manage their staff appropriately. It’s their responsibility to try and keep all of this within the client’s budget without sacrificing the vision of the architect. When looking for home builders, make sure to take the time to research your options. Read few things you should look for when hiring a home builder.

While architects require a degree, builders will have completed an apprenticeship in order to prepare them for the job.  Once all the work on the project has been completed, the builder will hand the building over to the client and assuming everything’s gone to plan, the home will be theirs.

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