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The Two Most Important Factors for Warehouse Flooring

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Warehouse Flooring

Industrial warehouse floors have to withstand huge amounts of foot traffic and heavy-duty mechanical traffic, sometimes 24-hours a day. Forklifts, pallet trucks, constantly moving heavy loads –warehouse floors have to stand up to a huge amount of punishment. They also need a safe, smooth, non-slip surface that satisfies a wide range of OH&S guidelines.

While many people may not ever think about it, warehouse flooring has a direct effect on productivity and safety. So, when it comes to warehouse flooring, you need two things:

  1. A hard wearing, flat, non-slip surface
  2. Quality line marking

These two factors will play a major role in the functionality, efficiency and safety of your warehouse.

So, let’s find out a little bit more about what’s needed to create premium warehouse flooring.

Warehouse flooring

Constant traffic, heavy machinery and loads and general wear and tear can take its toll on warehouse flooring. Over time, the floor will take a lot of punishment. Tyre marks, scratches and gouges, chips and cracks and corrosive chemical damage can affect the integrity, flatness and look of your flooring. And this can have some serious consequences for your business.

Poor warehouse flooring can reduce productivity, increase operating costs and be a major safety hazard. Uneven or damaged floors can:

  • Increase the likelihood of workplace injuries
  • Lead to damage or increased maintenance costs for lift trucks and forklifts
  • Increase the likelihood of accidents and falling loads
  • Increase driver fatigue
  • Slow down warehouse traffic and therefore reduce productivity
  • Make cleaning more difficult or increase cleaning costs

Bare concrete floors won’t stand up to the tough demands of warehouse work. Oils, corrosive chemicals and other spills can penetrate and damage the concrete. It can crack and is subject to damage from heavy machinery and falling loads. It can also start to give of dust as it wears.

Epoxy coatings – Melbourne

One of the best ways to create tough and professional looking warehouse flooring is with an epoxy coating in Melbourne.

Epoxy coatings are made of resins and hardeners,which react together to form a rigid epoxy material. This material bonds with the substrate forming a hard coating that protects the flooring from chemical and physical damage.

Epoxy coatings provide an ultra-tough sealed floor surface that offers a range of benefits. Epoxy floors are durable, low maintenance, easy to clean, non-slip, great looking, resistant to chemicals and safe.

In a heavy industrial setting, you can expect an epoxy floor coating to last 5 to 10 years. But, in a light warehouse setting, it will last much longer.

Line marking – Melbourne

Warehouse line marking is essential to help direct traffic, indicate processes and comply with OH&S guidelines.

Clear and high-quality warehouse line marking in Melbourne can help to:

  • Define safe walkways for employees
  • Create separate pathways to transport and operate heavy machinery
  • Indicate appropriate storage areas for hazardous waste, machinery and other equipment
  • Contribute to the smooth operation of your fast-paced business
  • Help to improve the traffic flow within your facility
  • Promotes safety and boost cost-efficiency for your business

As you can see, line marking plays a significant role in making your warehouse efficient and safe.

If you need to overhaul your warehouse flooring, it’s worth calling in the professionals. Professional industrial flooring experts can create ultra-flat, super hard-wearing flooring for your warehouse. They will also work with you to design a line marking system that suits your business processes and seriously enhances warehouse safety.

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