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What is a Bag Sewing Machine?

by David Matters
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If you’re new to packaging or old school packaging process are costing your business time and money, it’s time you learned about bag sewing machines. These nifty devices can revolutionise your packaging process with plenty of benefits for all.

The Basics

Think of a bag closing or bag sewing machine as a specialist type of sewing machine. But rather than being used to create clothes or fabric homewares, these sewing machines are used to safely seal heavy duty bags or sacks. These products can range widely from chemicals, fertilisers to even vegetables and animal feeds.

Bag closing machines can be part of a larger automated packaging process, including auto-fillers and packagers, or they can be portable items workers use. This can depend on the industry and product in question.

So now you know what a bag closing machine is, why should you consider one for your business?

The Benefits

  • Speed

One of the more obvious benefits of a bag closing machine is the speed they bring to the packaging process. Machines are typically faster than people at many tasks, and closing bags is no exception.

Adding bag closing machines to your assembly line can be a way to overcome a potential bottleneck in your packaging process. And if you want to streamline it more, you can further automate your assembly line for even more benefits.

  • Consistency in Packaging

Along with a faster packaging process, using bag closing machines can also lead to more consistent packaging. While you may not think packaging is important to your brand, packaging matters to consumers. Having consistent packaging — even how it’s sealed — can translate to better sales and improved brand perception.

Additionally, having consistently quality stitching to close bags also impacts your brand. If bags are partially open or the stitching is tearing when the consumer is looking to purchase, they will choose another brand. This is because an unsealed bag can suggest an inferior product.

Consistent bag closing is also important to ensure each bag is properly sealed to avoid product wastage, spillage or spoilage.

  • Durability

Stitches from a bag closing machine tend to be stronger than anything handstitched. Durable stitching will prevent bags from opening during transit or during storage.

This level of durability also applies to the bag closing machine itself. These machines are designed for high use over long hours. They are made to last, whereas there may be issues using machines not built for this purpose or by having employees manually stitch bags shut.

  • Health and Safety

Adding bag closing machines to your assembly line can also be a benefit for workers, which ultimately benefits your business. Repetitive work, like stitching, can lead to a number of injuries, including strains. These overuse injuries are a common workplace hazard.

As a result of these injuries, employees may need to switch roles or take time off. This can negatively affect your business’ production line and even lead to missing quotas and orders.

However, bag closing machines can be a way to minimise some potential overuse injuries in your business. They are also designed to be safe and easy to use, so should not lead to further injuries or risks.

A bag closing machine may be just what your business needs to improve its packaging game while prioritising workers’ health and safety.

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