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What is Structured Cabling and Why it’s Important

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Structured cabling is a system that binds all the computers, phones and devices within a business together so that a continuous flow of information and data can flourish.

It works by dividing the cabling plant into six subsystems: the entrance facility, the server room, the telecommunications room, backbone cabling, horizontal cabling and the work area. This allows for any problems or errors to be easily tracked and resolved and minimises the chance of a human error seeping through the entire system.

Below, we’ll explore some of the many benefits that structured cabling can offer businesses and why it’s remained a leading form of cabling infrastructure.

Smoother business operations

An organised structured cabling system can lead to simple and low maintenance business operations. As most businesses have a number of IT systems working at the same time, having them all connected to and running off the same system creates a harmonious and straightforward system for all employees.

It does this by making it incredibly easy to locate any system errors or problems occurring, allowing them to be resolved promptly and effectively. This means your time and money isn’t wasted and you can focus on the day to day and what needs to be done.


Having a fully functional structured cabling system is a solid investment in the future of your business and can save you thousands of dollars down the road. It will enable additions, moves and changes within your business to be seamlessly and efficiently performed like never before.

This can help lead to increased productivity, meaning that you and your team can instead focus on growing and bettering the business and the strategic operations.


Structured cabling systems are designed with the future in mind, and are ready to grow with you as your business grows and technology advances. It has the ability to support all your current demands as well as the demands of the future, with limited disruptions and a smooth transition.

This allows you to avoid having to reinstall or redesign your IT systems as your business grows, and can instead rely on what you already have set in place. This not only saves you time and money but offers unbeatable convenience and ease.

Improved cybersecurity

While technological advancements have their advantages, they can also increase the vulnerability of your IT systems and the risk of sensitive data being breached.

Structured cabling systems can prevent your systems from being corrupted thanks to their impressive security features and features that only authorised personnel can access. This means that you can rest assured that your data remains secure and you, your staff and your clients remain safe and protected.

Reduced risk of downtime

A business with many unorganised cabling structures leaves it vulnerable to human error, network issues and disruptions to the workday. As we touched upon earlier, structured cabling systems means that it’s incredibly easy to find and resolve any IT issues, and get everything back and running in no time. This means less downtime and less time wasted on unnecessary problems.

Thanks to its foolproof technology and easy maintenance, structured cabling systems have become the cornerstone of many successful businesses around the world. Reach out to your local cable installation experts to find out more about what structured cabling can do for your business, and don’t forget to enquire about NBN eligibility and antenna installation if you haven’t done so already.

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