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What Makes a Luxury Home

by Sari Aizik
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When many of us think of a luxury home, we think of something large, over-the-top and (sometimes) gaudy. But over time, the definition of a luxury home has changed from loud, extravagant mansions, to homes that offer their owners convenience, comfort and style in a way that’s tasteful and forward-thinking.

So how does one go about designing a luxury home in 2022? Below, we’ll explore the key staples of modern luxury homes and how you can make sure your property hits all the marks in this competitive and ever-changing market.

State of the art kitchens

One of the most important features of any house is the kitchen, so you can only imagine what goes into the kitchen of a luxury home. With functionality and style taking top priority, luxury kitchens should be fitted with premium, energy-efficient appliances such as double ovens, sub-zero refrigerators, heating draws, top of the line dishwashers and generous double sinks – just to name a few.

Custom cabinetry, high-quality materials and finishes, kitchen islands and a combination of general, task and accent lighting. The kitchen is often where both family members and guests converge in a home, so it needs to impress and it needs to be welcoming, warm and spacious all at the same time. Read cost-effective kitchen renovation ideas.

Cutting edge technology

Arguably above all else, a truly modern luxury home must be fitted with cutting edge technology throughout. A smart home system is the best way to put your home head and shoulders above the rest, giving you the ability to control the lighting, temperature, blinds and more at the click of a button from anywhere in the world.

This technology should also extend to the home security system, which can include night vision security cameras and smart security systems that allow you to monitor your home remotely and be quickly notified of any security breaches.

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Spa bathrooms

If there’s one area in a luxury home that should provide a refuge from the demands of your busy life, it’s the bathroom. All luxury homes should include spacious spa bathrooms that can include generously sized baths and showers, extravagant mirror designs, heated floors, mood lighting, marble countertops and more.

While it may not be practical to fit out all of the bathrooms with these features, every bathroom in the home should be functional and beautiful, with solid hues and walls to promote relaxation and plenty of storage space too.

Walk-in robes

Spacious walk-in robes are a must-have for any luxury homeowner, allowing for convenient organisation of your clothes, bags, accessories, jewellery and shoes. Cramped and overflowing closet space is anyone’s worst nightmare and will be a red flag for any potential buyer down the track.

A large walk-in robe not only allows you to show off all your prized possessions but also makes it easy to get ready and keep track of your growing collection of belongings.

Home theatres

With home theatre technology becoming more accessible and affordable than ever, we now have access to state of the art television screens, projectors and sound systems that can be placed right in our homes. Bring the cinema to you with reclining seats, smart lighting, 8k TV’s and even home popcorn machines for the finishing touch.

Sound-proof walls and doors are also a good idea for any home theatre room so that you can enjoy your home entertainment system as loud as you want without inconveniencing the rest of the household.

Custom designs

A true luxury home will be one of a kind, with custom features hand-picked by its owner that tell their own story and offer something that can’t be found anywhere else. A good luxury home builder will allow you to customise your home how you see fit, whether it be with ornate door handles or accent walls designed to make a statement.

It is important to remember that you may not live in this home forever, so it needs to be marketable and appeal to potential buyers in the future. So while you want to create something that feels personal and appropriate for you and your family, try not to lose sight of the big picture and the long-term impact of your decisions.

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