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What to Consider Before Choosing a Splashback for Your Kitchen

by Carlo Pollastrelli
Kitchen Designer Melbourne

The kitchen splashback is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in designing your kitchen, with both style and functionality coming into consideration. Kitchens are the heart of the home and play a huge role in a home’s marketability and appeal to potential buyers, which only adds to the pressure of the design choices that you make.

Splashbacks provide you with an opportunity to inject some fun and colour into your kitchen, with a wide variety of materials, colours and patterns on the market that can suit any aesthetic under the sun. If you’re unsure of what splashback you should get for your kitchen, we’re here to advise you on what to consider before making this all-important decision.

Does it match your benchtops and cabinets?

Generally, a splashback is one of the last things to be installed in a new kitchen. Safe, durable and versatile, here are just some of the reasons why you need a glass splashback in your new kitchen. This allows you to get your kitchen cabinets and benchtops installed first, and see them in the flesh before you make any final decisions regarding your splashback.

A splashback has to make sense in regards to the rest of the stylistic decisions you’ve made in your kitchen, so be sure to get something that seamlessly fits into the design scheme you’re going for. For example, if you have a sleek, modern kitchen design, you might want to opt for block coloured glass splashbacks that are fittingly simple and elegant. On the other hand, if you have a more traditional kitchen design, tiles or pressed metal might be the way to go.

Glass Splashbacks Melbourne

What are the maintenance requirements?

Kitchen splashbacks come in many different materials, such as glass, tiled and stainless steel. Each material comes with different levels of maintenance that will be required to keep them looking clean, pristine and presentable. Take some time to consider how much time you’re willing to commit to cleaning and maintaining your splashback over the coming years.

Mosaic tiles can create a breathtaking splashback that can elevate any kitchen, but also come with more grout and joins that can easily become dirty and stained. Glass splashbacks are generally the easiest to clean, with a completely flat surface that’s easy and simple to wipe down.

How practical is it?

Improve the functionality of your kitchen with a splashback that can double as extra storage space. Whether it’s through the use of hooks or special magnet technology, you can use your splashback to store your kitchen utensils and keep them at an arm’s reach at all times.

Perfect for if you’re working with a smaller kitchen with less storage than desired, a magnetised splashback can store anything from a spice rack to your collection of cutting knives. This can also be a great way to keep certain items out of reach for any little ones and add even more personality and style to the space.

How much does it cost and how is it installed?

Last but not least, the cost and installation of your chosen splashback has to come into consideration as well. Tiles tend to be the cheapest option available, and you can even save some extra money by doing the tiling yourself rather than using a handyman.

It is important to remember that tiles tend to need replacement or repairs at a higher rate due to the grout that quickly dirties and stains, so you may be better off paying extra for toughened or mirrored glass if cost is a concern. Engineered stone and stainless steel sheets are generally the most expensive options, and if you’re upgrading your kitchen as part of renovations you may have to pay extra for surface preparation if the surface is uneven or damaged. Although it may be tempting to cut corners, choosing a high-quality splashback that’s expertly installed can make a world of difference and ensure that your home makes a great first impression every single time.

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