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What to Expect in a Home Renovation?

by Joe Vinci
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Home renovations are exciting. They are an opportunity to rebuild your property and turn it into the house of your dreams. However, for dreams to come true, you have to first endure reality. Bathroom remodeling and kitchen renovations don’t come without a cost. You have to deal with budgeting, scheduling problems and some serious disruption to your home life.

If you don’t know what you’re getting into, home renovations can be a frustrating process. However, if you can prepare yourself for the unexpected, you’ll be able to mitigate the stress that comes with it. To help you get ready, here’s what to expect in your first home renovation.


If you’re expecting your kitchen or bathroom to be finished by a certain date, prepare to be disappointed. Chances are there will be certain aspects of the renovation process that will not go smoothly. To prevent yourself from tearing your hair out, it’s best to prepare yourself for delays.

Sometimes, the materials that you ordered have to come from overseas. Shipping and transportation delays are not at all uncommon, especially during this on-going pandemic. Also, since no property is perfect, the workers will likely run into unexpected property problems. This might be foundational damage or plumbing issues and this can add unexpected work to the project, blowing out timelines.

The good news is, this is all happening for a reason. If your renovators rush the process, there’s a high chance that you’ll end up with subpar results. So, if it’s taking a little longer than you expected, just remember that it’s for the betterment of your home.

Changes and compromises

When planning for renovations, it’s difficult to foresee the problems that you’ll face in the actual process. For example, you’ll likely end up paying more money than you wanted, giving up on a design idea that wasn’t functional and so on. Be prepared to compromise on your designs and budget.

This is particularly relevant to older homes. Properties that have been around for a while will likely have more than just a few problems. Asbestos is one of them. Many Australian homes built in the 1980s contain the then-popular building material, asbestos. Unfortunately, asbestos has been found to be harmful to our respiratory health. As a result, any homes that contain this material will need to be handled by specialists. This procedure can delay the renovation process and cause you to go over your budget.

To help you avoid too many changes and compromises, make sure you have a discussion with the contractors prior to the renovation. Plenty of renovation companies offer consulting services which will allow you to plan as much as possible. This includes discussing additional costs, layouts, functionality and materials. Once the designs have been finalised, resist the urge to make little changes along the way. Any deviation from the plan can end up costing you additional time and money. 

Disruptions to the daily routine

Expect renovations to disrupt your day-to-day life. For a period of time, you’re not going to be able to cook the same way, bathe the same way and wake up the same way. Of course, you can’t just pause your life for a few weeks. You still have to go to work and  go about your daily business.

To adjust, you have to convert other parts of your home to a multi-purpose space. For example, a makeshift kitchen in your garage will help you do some basic cooking while your main kitchen is being worked on. If you want, you can prepare food ahead of time for a couple of days. Of course, you can also eat out or get take-away just to break up the monotony.

Additionally, there’s going to be a lot of noise. If you work from home, you might have to make adjustments to your home-office. If possible, you can also work a few hours at a nearby cafe or at a relative’s house.

Temporary accommodation

Not everyone is going to be able to endure such disruptions. The dust, the smell, the noise and the lack of privacy will make it difficult for some to go about their day. Additionally, if you have children, a property that’s being renovated may not be safe for them. As a result, you might have to move into a temporary home, like a hotel or with friends or relatives, for a period of time.

Ideally you want to plan a vacation during the renovation period. This will allow you to enjoy yourself while your kitchen and bathroom are being upgraded. Of course, this requires a certain level of trust in the contractors. This is why it’s essential to hire a company that’s professional and trustworthy. Renovations aren’t going to come easy. You’re going to face problems with money, scheduling and legalities. However, if you prepare properly, you should be able to steel through these issues. Just remember that at the end of it all, you’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous kitchen, a beautiful bathroom and just a better home overall.

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