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Why you should make the Switch to LED Lights

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If you’re still using old-style incandescent light bulbs around at home, then maybe it’s time you made the switch to LED lights. There are plenty of great benefits to using LED lights. They last longer than traditional light bulbs and they use less energy, which is great for the environment and for your pocket.

So, let’s have a closer look at why you should make the switch to LED lights.

They’re Energy Efficient

A big drawcard for many homeowners is that LED lights are more energy efficient than their incandescent counterparts. On average, an LED bulb will use 80% less energy than a regular incandescent bulb.

For most households, this would mean a saving of $6 per bulb each year. While this might not seem like much, if you changed every light in your home — the average Australian household has about 40 — you could save $240 a year. That kind of saving isn’t something to be sneezed at.

If you want to run an energy-efficient home, LED light bulbs are a great place to start.

Electrician Rosebud

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Along with saving you money, LED light bulbs can also help you save the planet. Taking care of the environment doesn’t have to mean big sacrifices or changes in our daily lives. Often, it’s the small changes that make the biggest difference, like opting for LED lights.

Not only do LED lights use less power, thereby reducing your carbon footprint, but they don’t contain mercury. Fluorescent lights contain mercury and need to be disposed of correctly. If they are disposed of incorrectly, mercury can leach into the surrounding environment. This can damage local flora and fauna. Since mercury is toxic, it can also lead to health problems in people, especially if it gets into drinking water.

They Last Longer

LED bulbs last much longer than traditional light bulbs. On average, an LED bulb will last 25 times longer than a halogen or incandescent bulb. You can easily expect to get over a decade’s use out of a new LED bulb. This means more savings for you as you won’t need to purchase as many bulbs over time.

Further, because you aren’t replacing bulbs as regularly, you’re using fewer resources. This is another way choosing LED lights can minimise your carbon footprint and help save the environment.

Better Light Control

If you want to make the most of your lighting, LED bulbs are the right choice. Not only will you save money and power, but you can have more control over your lighting.

While incandescent bulbs direct their light out at all angles, you can actually direct the light from LEDs. Use these spotlights to create a stunning and dramatic space in your home, or even draw attention to a favourite piece of artwork.

Switching Over is Easy

Possibly the best thing about switching to LED lighting is that you don’t need an electrician. All you need to do is swap out your current incandescent bulbs with screw-in LED bulbs.

Of course, before you do, make sure that the LED bulbs will give off the same amount of light as your previous bulb. This is an easy process though. All you need to do is check the lumens of both bulbs. For older incandescent bulbs, you may need to convert watts to lumens.

When it comes to LED lighting, there’s really no reason to not make the switch today. Delaying this change simply means you’re losing out on significant savings, as well as contributing more to environmental problems. Swapping to LED lighting is easy; you just need to make the choice.

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